Bee Line Putting String

//Bee Line Putting String

Bee Line Putting String

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The Bee Line Putting String provides a simple, portable way to practice most of the important elements of your putting stroke. The major aspects which can be addressed using the Bee Line are path, face angle, set-up and alignment, line reading, and stroke speed. All you do is simply go to the practice green, unroll the string, stick the Bee Line skewers into the green, extending the string between them. It is best, especially at first, to do this on a fairly level surface. Later, you can use the Bee Line to practice reading breaking putts also. It is not necessary to align the string to a hole, as the skewer at the end can be your target, but this target skewer can be placed directly behind a hole if you so choose.

Place your putter behing the ball, aligning the face to the Bee Line String. You may set the colored beads for length of backstroke and followthrough. It is recommended that the folow through length be approximately 50 percent longer than the length of the backstroke.

The picture on the left shows the Bee Line Putting String in use. Notice the eyes directly over the target line and the stance square to the hole. From this set-up you can easily see your stroke path and face alignment on every stroke. Remember, successful practice breeds confidence on the course.


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